Klassnote warns of economic shocks on several fronts

Klassnote warns of economic shocks on several fronts

In Madelon Pratt’s new book, Madelon Voss discusses the warnings of Claes Nott, president of the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) and chair of the Financial Stability Board (FSB). Nott warns of economic shocks on several fronts, including the real estate market and the banking and non-banking sectors.

Madelon tells you his and her own perspective on this situation. It therefore delves into all the economic shocks that, according to Klass, but also according to her, could still lie ahead.

Economic instability and Bitcoin analysis

The video covers a range of topics, including the role of the Financial Stability Board, potential risks to the economy, and the need for new regulations. Nott’s warning stems from his role as chair of the Financial Stability Board, a major organization that advises the G20 on financial stability.

Nott stresses the importance of faster implementation of a new regulatory framework, especially in light of the financial turmoil that occurred earlier this year. Madlon draws a possible connection with the situation in China and discusses the need for tighter regulation of the non-banking sector.

As always, Madelon takes a look at the price of Bitcoin. What is the current situation and what are the most important price levels for it in the near future? This and more is evident from her technical analysis of Bitcoin, which can be seen from minute 53.

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