Spain, the United States, Tunisia, and Turkey provide aid to Morocco.

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Several countries offered aid to earthquake-hit Morocco on Sunday. Countries including Spain, the United States, Tunisia and Turkey have announced their willingness to support Morocco in various ways, according to international news agencies. Rescue workers from some countries have also arrived in Morocco.

A Spanish rescue team of 56 soldiers and 4 sniffer dogs arrived in Morocco on Sunday. The unit plans to operate about 100 kilometers south of Marrakech. Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles announced on Sunday that a second group would travel to Morocco. Morocco reportedly sent a request for help to Spain.

US aid is also already on Moroccan soil. The United States has sent a small team of disaster experts to the North African country to assess the scale of the disaster and its humanitarian needs in more detail. It then forwards that information to the Moroccan government.

Pending countries
A few countries have also offered aid, but are still waiting for Morocco’s permission to send people. One of those countries, Tunisia, on Sunday brought together rescue teams, doctors and a unit specializing in disasters. The country wants to provide surveillance equipment, a field hospital and a drone. Rescuers can use drones to search for people under the rubble.

Turkey, which was hit by an earthquake in February that killed tens of thousands of people, also plans to help. More than 250 aid workers are ready to go to Morocco. In Taiwan, 120 aid workers are ready to go to Morocco. Kuwait, Qatar and Israel have also indicated they want to help Morocco, without giving further details.

On Saturday, Algeria, which has been embroiled in a decades-long feud with Morocco, announced its intention to offer aid to its neighbour. It is not yet known whether Morocco will accept the aid.

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