Mega Settlement US: $ 53 million for families of corona victims

Mega Settlement US: $ 53 million for families of corona victims

This is the first time that US officials have paid compensation for the Corona crisis, says U.S. journalist Eric Mouth. “Government care homes are generally well protected against all sorts of lawsuits and claims. But what happened here was so outrageous that they decided to pay.”

Serious negligence

The families also threatened to go to court and sue the government for gross negligence and incompetence. The failure created unprecedented scenarios; One-third of residents in three state nursing homes in New Jersey did not survive. It is still one of the deadliest corona eruptions in the United States.

There are special homes for military personnel across the country. Memorial to the American Civil War, for wounded or homeless soldiers. Ex-combatants can still go there for shelter, shelter or maintenance. Many pass their old age there. Veterans are highly respected in the United States, which is why it is so painful.

Things went wrong in New Jersey when the corona virus struck two years ago. Employees were initially advised not to wear masks or gloves as this would upset the elderly and sometimes mentally retarded residents.

The maintenance staff simply went from room to room. Sick and healthy people are not separated, there is no proper cleaning, for example, there is no soap for washing hands in the toilets.

“Already known measures were not taken at that time to help. Mistakes were heaped upon mistakes, and it was very bad,” Mauden said.


“It’s a horror show,” says Regina Costandino Dissenza New York Times About that period. Like 99 residents of the Menlo Park Veterans Memorial in Edison, both of his parents died within the first eight months of the outbreak.

Tens of thousands of miles north, at the New Jersey Veterans Home in Paramas, 89 residents died of Govt disease. Like Mitchell Heber’s father. He and his mother are happy with the $ 445,000 compensation for a family. “At least there’s something fair that way. It’s finally over. And I hope it never happens again,” Haber said.

Regina Dissenza is engraved on her parents’ grave as “victims of the 2020 epidemic.” It’s not about the money for her, she says. “There was no money to make up for the way my parents died. They were lonely and scared. But it shows that the players were not properly cared for,” Dissenza said.


More than 200 corona deaths were reported in three homes during those months, and the New Jersey government sent the National Guard and a veteran organization to help. Since then, dissatisfaction with what had happened grew.

“I have lost more friends and fellow residents than I have in all years of service. .

The tragic events in New Jersey are not isolated. The corona virus has severely affected nursing homes across the United States. After all, the most vulnerable people live there.

The New York Times concluded last summer that one-third of those killed by corona in the United States were either living in a nursing home or working in a nursing home. At that time it was about 184,000 people. That number has undoubtedly increased and surveillance has stopped.

Damage claims

This undoubtedly refers to higher claims for compensation from relatives. In Illinois and Massachusetts, 76 people died in a single home, and lawsuits are being prepared. “And I expect more. This New Jersey immigration will be a role model for people across the country. In many places there are stories of inadequate care, staff being away and people going unnoticed,” he said.

Of course, the infamous American ‘rights culture’ plays a role. Mauden: “If I type ‘govt loot’ here on Google, I immediately see two sponsored links to law firms saying ‘hire us’. This applies to American tradition; if you are angry about something, sue. There is no security. Then injustice is done by justice. A different system, but very expensive. “

Mouthaan continues: “At the beginning of the corona epidemic, things went wrong in nursing homes in many countries, and there were many deaths in the Netherlands. But it’s unique that solutions and lawsuits have already been reached in the United States. “

Incidentally, the governor of New Jersey did not immediately get out of the solution problem. The Ministry of National Justice is considering opening a criminal investigation into what went wrong.

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