FNV threatens action in Heineken: ‘Employees mock a slight wage increase’ | Financial

FNV threatens action in Heineken: 'Employees mock a slight wage increase' |  Financial

FNV Director Nils Soeker points out that the wage increases proposed by Heineken are well below inflation. According to the unionist, Heineken is also creating inequality among its employees by freezing pay scales for the next two years. It also misses a good arrangement in the final presentation of the brewery to be able to stop work earlier and with a higher travel allowance.


“People in breweries have been working hard during the pandemic for the past two years, with all the risks they’ve been exposed to in the workplace, because working from home wasn’t an option,” Swicker explains. “Heineken still makes huge profits around the world. Now employees are being mocked with such a small increase.”

The union is negotiating with Heineken three different collective labor agreements for the head office, commercial branch and breweries. An ultimatum applies only to breweries. Suijker explains that FNV has the largest number of members out there and thus can send a strong signal through multiplication.

This collective labor agreement covers 1,250 employees at breweries in Den Bosch and Zoeterwoude, the much smaller brand site in Wijlre and supplier of soft drinks Vrumona in Bunnik. According to Swicker, if there is a hit in Den Bosch, Zutterwood and Bonnick.

Heineken stated in response that a “realistic and fair final offer” is on the table. “This is for the times when it’s tough,” the company assures. Heineken says he is being “hard hit” by the pandemic. The catering industry is going through a very deep crisis, so far everything has been completely shut down again due to the lockdown and the effects will be noticeable for a long time to come. Additionally, we are experiencing historical cost increases. Everything is down to earth seriously.”

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