McDonald’s obvious delivery interrupts a college basketball game


With time to reflect on what just happened Wednesday night at UPMC Cooper Fieldhouse in Pittsburgh, some of the coaches and players were likable, while the bizarre scene during a college basketball game triggered McFlurry from amused and startled reactions among so many others.

During the second half of a men’s Atlantic 10 game between Loyola Chicago and host Duquesne, someone who looked like a delivery guy wandered into the stadium with an Uber Eats bag. Onlookers at the scene noted that he was also carrying a McDonald’s beverage container, which many took as a strong suggestion as to what type of food was in the bag.

Remarkably, the person in charge of the delivery made at least two forays onto the floor while the game was in progress. After the second intrusion, the umpires called a timeout. The game’s official was moved to declare it an unprecedented case in person (according to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette).

“Well… we deserved a break today,” chirp Duquesne play-by-play announcer Tim Benz, referencing the old McDonald’s logo.

According to reports, the delivery man was eventually shown at the lobby level. His initial inability to locate his intended recipient would have been a big shot for who would have been a Hamburglar, but accounts from the game indicated that the delivery had completed. The deal that was eventually done was shown on the arena’s video screen to cheers from the crowd.

said Duquesne coach Keith Dambrot, who called it “the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my life” (via Post newspaper): “Our men were dying laughing [the locker room]. The man had a job to do. He did his job well.”

Once the game resumed, the Dambrot-inspired Dukes rallied to a 72-58 win over the somewhat aptly named — given the evening’s misadventures — the Ramblers of Loyola Chicago.

the Pittsburgh Tribune Review reported that a Duquesne official suggested the entire episode may have been staged, perhaps as a college prank. According to a report before Pittsburgh Sports NowThe supposed delivery person was just someone pretending to be from Uber Eats and got kicked out after a group photo of him from the stands.

If this turns out to be the case, that might be cause for grimace about the whole thing, but at least the initial clips of the incident made many people happier with a particular meal (which may or may not have been in the bag).

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