Error in Irish warning about bottles of wine in Italy

Error in Irish warning about bottles of wine in Italy

The Irish government may strongly warn consumers about the dangers of alcohol and the risk of cancer and liver disease. The government in Dublin had already submitted its plan to the European Commission in June, which confirmed on Monday that it would not oppose it. Protests against the Irish plan, including from Italy and Spain, were unsuccessful.

The Italian Farmers Association Coldiretti spoke of an “attack on Italy”. The Italian wine industry is worth 14 billion euros, and more than half of this income comes from abroad. The Italians believe that Ireland is acting on its own and fear a precedent: what if other countries will follow?

The Italian Farmers Association also believes that all alcohol is unfairly grouped, and that wine and beer, with their low alcohol content, cannot be compared to spirits.

smaller brain

But not everyone in Italy agrees with the winegrowers. Antonella Viola, an Italian immunologist who became a popular TV face during the pandemic, thinks the Irish decision is a good one. Even moderate consumption of alcohol can be harmful, says Viola. Those who drink alcohol regularly He has a smaller brain. Says.

Then she received a fierce response from a fellow doctor, who in turn has been a well-known TV face in Italy since the Corona pandemic. There is no scientific evidence that heavy drinkers have smaller brains, said Matteo Bassetti, head of the Department of Infectious Diseases in Genoa. And he posted a picture of himself on Instagram — with a glass of red wine.

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