Maxime Milland criticizes in “Juice Channels”

Maxime Milland criticizes in "Juice Channels"

Chateau MellandStar Maxime Meiland had so-called “juice channels”. On Instagram she argues fiercely against gossip accounts, because they randomly spread dirty rumors.

in a Instagram story Maxim does not care. “I’m kind of scrolling through my Instagram, and I can’t resist. I’m very annoyed with “juice channels” these days, which then open a column about a well-known Dutchman. Then they start posting the messages they get from people saying, for example , “It’s not cute at all!”

The article continues after the announcement

Maxime Milland She herself has been the target of gossip in recent days. the Chateau MellandThe star would have sold her Range Rover for less money. Real-life celebrities could have been “cancelled” by Erica Melland’s statements, but the next day I posted a story about a new, more expensive car!

Embarrassing “juice channels”

According to Meiland, you should take whatever you hear through the “juice ducts” with a pinch of salt. “This star probably didn’t feel like taking a picture with you, or he was busy. Then you immediately get those kinds of stories. I find it really awkward, you know.”

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