Structural problems due to the new metro system in Amsterdam

Structural problems due to the new metro system in Amsterdam

The ongoing metro malfunctions in Amsterdam since the new CBTC security system came into operation cannot be resolved at the moment. This is due to the use of older metro trains. They are adapted to the security system, but in fact they are not suitable for this. who – which I mentioned AT5 After discussions with the staff of the Amsterdam GVB Transport Service.

In 2021, all metro traffic in Amsterdam was completely closed eleven times. Because of the malfunctions, it was often impossible to drive for an hour. In the new year, he is also beaten: last week there was a failure of an hour and a half.

According to the metro driver, this is a consequence of the hasty operation of the security system. He helped with the CBTC testing phase four years ago. According to him, it was clear at that time that the old metro trains would not run properly on the new system. “I had to try to brake at full speed, but it went wrong. Old metro trains are too worn out to work with the accuracy of the CBTC system. If I roll even a few centimeters away, the system stops.”

It can take years

Since the system was not designed for the Amsterdam situation, smaller issues were taken into account from the outset. Large-scale disturbances were not expected. Alderman Egbert de Vries wrote in a letter to the city council in November that it could take years before problems with the metro security system are resolved. Old metro vehicles will be phased out from mid-2023.

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