Maxime Meyland forced to cut back after buying a multi-million dollar villa: ‘No more cleaning ladies’ | Displays

Maxime Meyland forced to cut back after buying a multi-million dollar villa: 'No more cleaning ladies' |  Displays

with videoThe first episode of the new season Chateau Milland It was watched by 890,000 people on Monday evening, Stichting KijkOnderzoek (SKO) reports. With this result, the SBS reality show about the Meiland family can be found at number nine on Monday’s list of most-watched programs.

In the eighth series, Martien Meiland and Erica Renkema, along with their daughters Montana and Maxime, are renovating an old boarding house in their hometown of Noordwijk. Upon completion of the renovations, the family will receive guests at the guest house, which will be called Code Rosé.

It was also shown how her daughter Maxime talked about buying a million-dollar villa. She had to “change her life” for this. “It’s an expensive house. A lot of things have to be written off. The car has to go. No more detergent. The kids go home, so Claire doesn’t go to after-school care anymore. Vivé goes out once a week to socialize a bit.”

Maxim stated that she calculated exactly how she could make ends meet. How is the situation now in terms of spending and in the future. If we cut things back a little bit, we should be able to do that.”

Chateau Milland © Talpa

Watch the numbers

Season opener Chateau Milland The first episode of the seventh season has also been watched. In August last year, it was watched by 887 thousand people. Previous seasons, with the exception of the first series, were always watched by a million people or more.

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In December, the Meilandjes announced at a Christmas party they had organized that they were far from wanting to stop Chateau Milland As long as the viewing numbers remain good and they continue to enjoy it.

Chateau Milland
Chateau Milland © Talpa

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