Monday’s message about Ubisoft, E3 2023, Mastervovies, and cool sneakers

Monday's message about Ubisoft, E3 2023, Mastervovies, and cool sneakers

This talk show was made possible in part by Scars Above. All opinions expressed in this video are our own. Publisher Plaion has no say in the content and sees the video for the first time here on the site, just like you.

After a cold but sunny weekend, we’re all back at work. to record a new edition of Letter Monday for you. The tallest gaming pole in the Netherlands. For over sixteen years, we’ve been answering society’s burning questions every Monday. So everyone has peace of mind and can start their zen workweek. The gentlemen on duty today are Huey, JJ, and Skate. The three will answer a number of questions. For example, why did Ubisoft choose to be at E3 this year, as so many stayed away? And what games will they be able to show? They even say they have a solid lineup. Do we know anything more? Another post writer wanting to know if we know of any good PC horror games? You can see and hear the answers to these two questions and more in the letter Monday by Monday, October 27, 2023.

Letters Monday: Why does Ubisoft want to go to E3?

A nice question was how did our relationship with Mastermovies come about? Are we still in touch with these gentlemen and how did they end up? Someone else wants to know if we backed a game through Kickstarter. Or “supported” as they gently say? What are our favorite types of sneakers? Lots of questions. You can see all the answers in this new edition of Monday’s Letter.

Action-adventure sci-fi third-person shooter Scars Above

As you read above, this edition of Monday’s Message was made possible by scars above. It is a third-person sci-fi action-adventure shooter that ties in with the current trend of hyper-challenging games. This Friday we will be streaming the game which is why the first intro follows in this video.

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