June 2, 2023

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Maxima learns to embroider curtains in the Chinese hall |  Displays

Maxima learns to embroider curtains in the Chinese hall | Displays

Queen Maxima received more information about embroidery yesterday, so she can help embroider new curtains at Paleis Huis ten Bosch China in The Hague.

“Handcraft groups from across the country are helping to embroider the new curtains for China’s Huis ten Bosch Palace”, which the Royal House shares on social media. “Queen Maxima is instructed, so she can also embroider the curtains herself.”

The attached photos show that the Queen is busy embroidering with a number of other women. She can also be seen bending over an embroidery with a few others, ostensibly to discuss it with the rest.

At the beginning of this year, the TextielMuseum in Tilburg began making new curtains for the Chinese hall, one of the reception areas of the palace. The design is a modern remake of 18th century silk curtains. The Royal House said that the historical curtains turned out to be too weak for everyday use.

The design was created on a high-tech embroidery machine at TextielMuseum. Then, more than a hundred handicraft enthusiasts and Queen Maxima added embroidery, with the guidance of an embroidery expert. The result can be seen this fall, along with historical canopies and artisan stories, in an exhibition at the Tilburg Museum.

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