“If Matthijs van Nieuwkerk picks Talpa, he will remain injured forever” | Podcasts Media

“If Matthijs van Nieuwkerk picks Talpa, he will remain injured forever” |  Podcasts Media

Advertising Media PodcastNaturally, the interview with the fallen talk show king was discussed in detail. Not just text, but also images and creativity. Is Mathis Van Newkirk’s guilt sincere and is it enough to return to television?

If Van Newkirk returns, where? Broadcaster Max has been mentioned, but Talpa is also a contender to be Mathis’ new employer, according to the commission. Angela de Jong is clear on this matter: “If Matthijs van Newkerk chooses Talpa, he will remain injured forever!”

The second half of the podcast is about another fallen star: Duncan Lawrence Dear singers. The committee gives him a good team around him. He can also leave out that crazy American accent. There is also a heated debate on this topic Temption Island. Shouldn’t this program be cancelled?

New channels Radio4All and JOE are being screened in Radio Corner. Only one word is devoted to it Diary of a sheepdog (“Amateur theatre”) and Expedition Robinson He also gets a slap on the fingers on behalf of the fans.

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Mathias van Newkirk. © National Ports Agency / National Ports Agency

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