GGD West-Brabant’s Fatal Mistakes With Boost: 247 People Received Too Little Vaccine


GGD West Brabant missed his second booster shot. As a result, a total of 247 people received too little of the vaccine. All concerned have now been contacted by GGD to schedule a new injection.

All concerned persons were invited to the screening site at Breda International Airport in Bosschenhoofd on Friday 4 March.

Due to the combination of some needles and syringes, a small amount of vaccine remained in the syringe during the injection. So a little fluid was injected. In all cases, it concerns the Moderna vaccine.

Consultation with RIVM
GGD discovered the error on Friday during a standard check. According to the spokesperson, it is not known how the error could have occurred. After consulting with the RIVM, it was decided to introduce a new vaccine to people. According to GGD, the extra shot has no consequences for their health.

“Because of the error, 0.15 milliliters was given. It should be 0.25 milliliters. The maximum dose is 0.5 milliliters. GGD West Brabant explains, so there is a large safe margin.

GGD regrets the error. “We found this very upsetting and have apologized to the people involved.” Many of those involved have now gotten another shot or made a new vaccination appointment.

According to the spokesperson, such a mistake had never happened before in Brabant. At the end of last year, the same problem arose among visitors to the vaccination site in GGD Gelderland-South. Meanwhile, GGD West Brabant has taken measures to prevent a recurrence.

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