Máxima in pink during a regional visit to the Wadden Islands

Máxima in pink during a regional visit to the Wadden Islands

The royal couple will pay a regional visit to the Wadden Islands in the provinces of North Holland and Freslin on Tuesday 9 and Wednesday 10 May. This order includes the islands of Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland and Chermonikog.

The Wadden Islands are distinguished by their small scale, close sense of community, and reliance on tourism. Each island has its own identity with specific and common challenges. For many facilities, they cannot easily refer to other municipalities. Education, care and social support must therefore be organized on the islands themselves and this often entails huge costs. There are also issues in the field of mobility and housing, which have endangered the quality of life and the attractiveness of employees and entrepreneurs. To ensure quality of life on the islands now and in the future, topics such as living, livelihood, future-proof entrepreneurship and optimal accessibility require further attention. These topics and mutual cooperation are the focus of the regional visit.

The entire Wadden Sea region has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2009. The Wadden Sea is the world’s largest continuous system of sand and mud flats that dry up during low tide. 25,000 people live in the Wadden Islands and the islands receive five million visitors annually.

For the regional visit, Máxima bought a pink trouser suit in keeping with the royal trend of the moment.

(c) Pronopres

As far as I can see now, it’s a Claes Iversen design. On the right you see a purple jumpsuit from the same designer.

Máxima’s hair ornament made of banana fibers and beads comes from Fabienne Delvigne’s studio. The addon has been operating since 2014.

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