The new Alpine A290 will soon be available as an electric hot hatch

The new Alpine A290 will soon be available as an electric hot hatch

In 2024 we expect to see an updated version of the famous Renault 5. Alpine, which until now has been mainly in sports car racing, is joining the old trend and coming next year with the Alpine A290, a sports hot hatch based on the modern Renault 5 with a touch of McLaren.

This is not the first time Alpine has partnered with the Renault 5. In 1976, Alpine’s R5 model also debuted. Hatchback makes you greedy as a car fanatic. You can satisfy this desire, because you will find this desire Old school Hatch here as an occasion.

Very visible features on the Alpine A290_β

But we digress. Back in 2023. Alpine introduced the A290. Well, the A290_ shall we say. While the car looks production-worthy on several fronts, it’s still an experimental version, hence the β after the model’s name. So it begs the question whether we have some candor Features.

Think of the fragile mirrors, the unusually shaped windshield and the stunning rear light units of the Alpine A290 demo. It gives the hot hatch a very cool look. What also helps is the large rear spoiler and the fact that the sides are completely flared and equipped with carbon fiber lights.

production version

Alpine design is beautiful and amazing. The hot hole you want and will be seen in. It’s awesome that file look Not much to change between now and next year, when the first production version goes live. The question is what the interior will look like next.

At the moment, in the Alpine A290_β, the driver is still in the middle, which is reminiscent of where the McLaren F1 sits. We probably won’t see it in combination with all sorts of other concept car features inside next year when the Alpine A290 hits the market.

Model specifications Alpine A290

In terms of size, the hot hatch is very reminiscent of this new affordable electric car from Volkswagen, although the A290_β is slightly wider at 1.85 meters wide. The Frenchman has two electric motors up front; One more Renault 5. They should be able to deliver quite a bit of power to the front wheels. Unfortunately, Alpine will catch one of those production Alpine A290 electric motors again. However, the power of the production version seems to be much higher than 200 hp.

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The new Alpine A290 is soon available as an electric hot hatch

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