Masked singers panel members in shock at the unveiling of The Worm Book

Masked singers panel members in shock at the unveiling of The Worm Book

Beware: This article contains spoilers about the latest episode of The Masked Singer.

This time it was the turn of the bookworm, piglet, giraffe, bull and cupid to sing the stars of the sky. Before they made a show we were also allowed to smell in their house. This naturally led to the necessary new doubts, but also to question marks.

After five impressive performances, it was the audience’s turn to decide the fate of the nominees. The curtain seemed to have fallen for the bookworm Buddy and Gerard had previously indicated they thought Monica Josie or Saskia Norte could be in the suit, while Carlo and Loretta thought Helen van Rooyen or Anna Noschen.

However, it seems that the team members are completely wrong. No one but Daphne Decker was in the intellectual suit. Let this be just a name that has not yet been mentioned. The writer says that she really enjoyed participating in the program. “I also thought it was really exciting, because of course I’m not a singer. So I did my best.”

After that there were of course some allusions to Daphne. For example, there was a poster with a hot air balloon on her door that referred to the book flying sheep Written by Daphne. Veronica’s guide was also shown and Daphne presented several programs for Veronica and also wrote columns for the guide. A book about Maastricht was referring to her family, because her entire family comes from Maastricht, while all the books on fashion referred to her modeling career.

Previous participants Babbitt Van Veen and Tinky Scotten were also seen briefly on tonight’s episode.

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