Martijn Krabbé doesn’t stop TV after all, and the ambition behind the scenes is too | modes

Martijn Krabbé doesn't stop TV after all, and the ambition behind the scenes is too |  modes

Martijn Krabbé is in no hurry to stop his TV career. The presenter announced last year on the TV show Bo Island He indicated that he would attend for at most three more years. in Veronica Superguide Now back to that statement.

“It just crossed my mind,” Krabbe now says of his earlier remarks. “I don’t know if it was because of Beau, with whom I’ve been good friends for years, or the sunset or the wine in front of me, but I suddenly thought: Well, what are we going to do with our lives?”

Crabbe believes that the thirty-six years he has seen on television have passed. “Of course you don’t add another 36 years to that. You also think about the expiration date.”

The broadcaster believes that scandal is everywhere The Voice of the Netherlands influenced his statements. “I didn’t like all this last year. It was a very tough year.” Krabbé finds it hard to accept that it was not possible to provide a safe environment for the program participants. “I still struggle with it. You start to doubt everything. Even yourself.”

Crabbe says that in the past year he has thought hard about what he would like to do differently. He already mentioned the option to play records at parties. Still philosophizing about it. But he still has ambition on television, but also behind the scenes. For example, he would like to create a software studio with his Wise Monkeys production company.

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