But who said it? “The Netherlands is very conservative in climate change.” And is this true?

It’s not going fast enough, but at the same time it’s going really fast

They are not completely crazy, our ruling class. They see that the acceleration in energy transfer encounters resistance. So says Sigrid Kaag to financial times It is becoming increasingly difficult to get the electorate behind the higher goals. This is not because rushing to the limits of futility without citizens clearly understanding the benefits, but because, as you say, Because the Netherlands is, ironically, more conservative than you think. And that is why, as you say, there must be more and better preaching on Het Belang: “We need to create that level of support and entice and inspire people.” But who should we encourage? Well, to civil servants and consultants, because the power transition is their party. Criticisms that you do not read in NOS and are not allowed in Nu.nl, you can read beyond FD PaywallSome of them are screenshots below. For an error in applying the meaning of irony as Kaag did in her quote above: Irony, right?

Also ironic: Germany will shut down three clean nuclear power plants on Saturday


Another paradox: the climate is a ticket from a corrupt lottery


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