Mariners and Guardians present a day of historic comeback, goalless innings: Stark’s Weird and Wild in the MLB Playoffs

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Have you heard the story of October about the team whose deficit disappeared by seven games? How about an unreal game story in Cleveland in which nearly five hours went by without anyone scoring?

Maybe you were lucky enough to see those games. But maybe you’re busy running errands, hitting golf balls, or doing whatever normal people do on October Saturdays. Well either way, I got you covered.

That’s because I was busy watching 11 hours and 36 minutes straight of post-season baseball games – so you didn’t have to. It was a quiet day, and it was a quiet night in that regard. So why not overclock the October Weird and Wild Machine engines, and tell you all about Day 2 of the 2022 Wild Card series.

1. Landing landing, forgot to bring Jenno Smith

“If we can win this game,” GB Crawford He was saying on Saturday night, “We can win any match.”

Yeah, I know that’s the kind of thing baseball players say this time of year. But can we all agree that for once, this baseball player had a point?

After all, Crawford and Seattle Mariners He just performed an official baseball miracle in October. Down seven runs in the sixth inning – on the road. Consider the probability of winning at 0.9 percent. Face the ugly historical precedent that should have told them that no team has ever won a post-season game under these circumstances. And after…

One way or another, the Mariners won this baseball game, at a dome in Canada, 2,600 miles from home.

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