Marcus Freeman retracts comments comparing academics at Notre Dame and Ohio State, saying “I will never respect Ohio State”

Marcus Freeman retracts comments comparing academics at Notre Dame and Ohio State, saying "I will never respect Ohio State"

Marcus Freeman elaborated on his recent comments about academics at Notre Dame and Ohio State University, saying that his observations were more about different school sizes than about academic rigour.

The Irish Fighting Year 1 coach told CBS Sports, in a story published Friday, that players “can’t fool the academics at Notre Dame,” and explained the differences between Notre Dame, Ohio State and Cincinnati, where he served as an assistant. From 2017 to 2020.

“If you don’t go to class [at places like that]Well, take some lessons online, come to your appointments, “News about Freeman was quoted in the CBS Sports Story.” In Notre Dame, every day she is forced to go to class. “

Speaking Wednesday to WBNS Radio in Columbus, Ohio, Freeman said he would “never question the quality of education” in Ohio, where he earned two degrees and began his career as a graduate assistant in 2010. Freeman was one of the top 10. The Buckeyes quarterback will make his regular season debut as coach for Notre Dame on September 3 when the Fighting Irish State visits Ohio.

“When Marcus Freeman says, ‘Don’t go to class in a place like this,’ it changes the whole story,” Freeman told WBNS. , 40,000 students, well, you can take classes online. We can’t. Majority of our kids can’t take online lessons here because it’s a smaller school and they have to come in class. This is what I wanted to clarify. “

Freeman was speaking to WBNS hosts Brandon Beam and Bobby Carpenter, another former Ohio State player.

“I would never respect Ohio, and I wouldn’t say you wouldn’t go to class,” Freeman said. “I went to class, I’m sure you [Carpenter] she did. We definitely went to class.”

Freeman said Notre Dame graduate assistant James Laurinaites, an Ohio State All-American quarterback and former teammate, first informed him of the interest his initial comments generated.

Freeman emphasized Notre Dame’s academic reputation as a selling point, not a flaw, in hiring for the school. ESPN ranked Notre Dame’s 2023 enlistment class as number one in the country, with Ohio ranked third.

“We take it head on and just say, ‘This is different,'” Freeman said of the Notre Dame experience for athletes. [who] He could be just an ordinary student, but that fellow could also be a Wall Street CEO. This roommate can also be someone you will keep in touch with forever.

“And so we have to sell it as positive, because we won’t be able to change that. We don’t want to change it.”

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