BOE will release OLED panels for 55- to 95-inch TVs this year – picture and sound – news

According to Korean outlet Biz Chosun, the Chinese screen maker BOE plans to supply large OLED panels suitable for OLED TVs this year. It will be five sizes from 55 to 95 inches.

According to Biz Chosun It was already known that BOE was preparing five OLED sizes for delivery, but it is now known that these are OLED panels intended for TVs of all formats popular with TVs. There is still a lack of more information, such as the italic image that the BOE will initially target.

According to Biz Chosun, BOE has already decided to test OLED panels for TVs on its R&D production line in Hefei, China. It will be glass pillars 2200x2500mm. Such as Multi-position mother glassThe method will not be used, such a format is mainly applicable to the production of six 55″ or eight 50″ panels. Industry experts estimate 300,000 panels will be produced this year. It should be delivered this year. It is not known to whom these panels will be supplied.

A month ago, market researcher DSCC announced that BOE wants to put a 95-inch 8k OLED panel into production† The Bank of England previously showed the painting at a trade fair. The 95-inch panel is said to be based on white OLED technology, has a brightness of 800cd/m² and a refresh rate of 120Hz, and can display 99 percent of the DCI-P3 color space. According to DSCC, which usually relies on reliable sources in the monitor industry, BOE already has plans to put this panel into production.

Chinese manufacturer BOE makes many small OLED panels for smartphones and tablets, but also has a research facility where larger panels can be made. The reason why BOE now appears to be making the switch to OLED panels for TVs is in part due to the rapidly growing demand for relatively large OLED panels.

LG Display is the largest player in the OLED market for TVs. The company makes wool panels with white OLEDs and sells them to a large number of TV makers. Recently, Samsung Display has also played a role with its QD OLED panels. Samsung Electronics and Sony, among others, use this type for OLED TVs with different OLED technology. Only blue OLED sub-pixels are used and partially supplied with green and red quantum dot filters to convert blue light into green and red.

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