Marco Borsato makes himself heard again: promoting his homemade lemon drink “Borsacello” | Displays

Marco Borsato makes himself heard again: promoting his homemade lemon drink "Borsacello" |  Displays

Marco Borsato (56) seems to have disappeared from the radar for a long time, but it seems he hasn’t been idle. The singer, who has been in me since the sexual misconduct allegations, promoted a new alcoholic snack on Instagram Thursday night, called Borsacello.

In the video Borsato shared, there are no fewer than seven bottles of limoncello-filled on the counter. You can also see how the bottles are carefully filled by two people whose faces are not shown in the photo. “Homemade limoncello… Borsato,” he added Borsato as text in the video.

It is not clear if the alcoholic lemon drink is intended for commercial purposes or for personal use. Borsato management could not be reached for comment at this time.

compliment to his son

Earlier this week, Borsato also gave a sign of life on Instagram by praising his son, Luca. Luca released his new single last Friday Blame it on the wine Outside. You follow your heart and passion without the help of a standard company or management. Composition, studio work, look and feel, artwork, Borsato wrote on his Instagram stories, you really do it all yourself. I like that about you! Keep following your heart.

In March, the Public Prosecutor’s Office (OM) announced that the investigation against Marco Borsato over the allegations was over The Voice of the Netherlands It was rejected due to lack of evidence. A sexual investigation is still ongoing against the singer following a December 2021 report unrelated to the TV show. This case is still under investigation and no decision has been taken by the prosecution yet. Borsato made a counter-declaration on libel and slander.

Marco Borsato promotes “Borsacello” © Marco Borsato Instagram Stories

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