Could the immigration deal be the solution? “You have to take a step back” | Asylum crisis

Could the immigration deal be the solution?  "You have to take a step back" |  Asylum crisis

The Cabinet is discussing a set of measures to contain immigration to the Netherlands. But are these measures necessary at all? What could the Netherlands do differently? Brought to you by to the experts.

And if you think that too many people come to the Netherlands, according to Asylum Bonjour is not the most obvious category to start with. For example, the first lecturer refers to people who come to study or work in the Netherlands. People who come to live with their loved ones alone or with their families, the so-called love migration, also demand a lot of order.

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“You have to take a step back.”

Wijnkoop concludes that it does not make sense to reintroduce the system. But what the Netherlands can do next is a less simple question.

Also, as a country on its own, you can’t just decide to have fewer asylum seekers, says Wijnkoop. “So you have to close the borders. This is not an option within the current legal agreements and it is not desirable either.”

It is not the case that the Netherlands alone can manage the total migration flow. “You have to take a step back and think: How can we organize this better? You need a more sustainable system, and for that you need the rest of the EU.”

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