Man Ray’s famous Le Violon d’Ingres was sold at auction as the most expensive picture ever

Man Ray's famous Le Violon d'Ingres was sold at auction as the most expensive picture ever

Iconic photo Le Violon de Ingres The auction was sold by photographer Man Ray last weekend for a record $12.4 million. It happened at Christie’s auction house in New York. Never before has so much money been spent for a photo.

The image offered at the auction is an early print from a private collection. The photo from 1924 shows Man Ray’s then-girlfriend, French singer Kiki de Montparnasse. It can be seen as a violin, which has two holes on its bare back. It became one of the most famous images of surrealism.

Revenue significantly exceeded expectations: it is estimated that the business will bring in five to seven million dollars. The most expensive photo so far was Ryan IIA photo of Andreas Gursky, who was beaten for $4.3 million in 2011.

Marlin Monroe

A week ago it was standard amount She was placed in front of a portrait of American actress Marilyn Monroe, taken by pop artist Andy Warhol. It’s about silk screen Shot Blue Marilyn

Revenues reached $170 million, the highest amount ever paid at auction for a work of art from the last century. The Monroe Portrait is also the most expensive American work ever to be displayed under the hammer.

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