Team Ragas angry at Brazilian hooligans in Cross-World Race: ‘Totally bizarre’

Team Ragas angry at Brazilian hooligans in Cross-World Race: 'Totally bizarre'

In Brazil, many supporters of former President Bolsonaro took to the streets after he lost the October elections. Just at that moment of the candidates Race across the world In the South American country to a new stage.

On the way to the checkpoint Three teams get stuck on the highway. This path is blocked by angry Brazilians who do not accept the results of the presidential elections. Team Rajas, consisting of Bastien Rajas and his son Sim, are at the forefront of the resulting traffic jam. They are boiling. “It’s really weird,” says Sim. “I do not agree with the result.” Who the hell are you? “

“You were stopped by a bunch of backward fools,” Ibn Bastian continues. Bastian himself is also seething. “You have them all over the world. People who can’t stand democracy working. Then they get angry. Then they say, ‘Okay, we’re going to block the roads, then you can’t get through.'” ” Foolish people, you have all over the world. Some are storming the Capitol and others are blocking the highway.”

However, the duo managed to get around the barrier. They are at the front of the blockade and receive an offer to join them in a truck, which allows them to get through the blockade. This prevents them from reaching the barrier. “It took some time,” says Bastian. They arrived in second place, because Hugo Kines and Eva Cleven, who had not been reformed, had arrived as the first pair the previous day.

But the other duo, consisting of Olga Commander and her husband Frank and Howard Combrough and her boyfriend Dre, are less distant on the waiting list. They can’t go anywhere. And then it gets increasingly bleak and unsafe. The race management decides to get the duo out of the traffic jam. They were immediately taken to an airport and flown to Uruguay. As a result, they cannot reach the barrier. “This is absolute force majeure,” Howard says. “What do you want to do? The roads are on fire.”

Of course it does not fit into the program in which the duo must complete the race with few resources and no aircraft. “We hope you’ll forgive us, but it’s all for safety,” presenter Martin Crabbe says at the end of the episode.

Race across the world It can be seen every Wednesday at 8:30pm RTL 4.

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