Major blackout in Ukraine after Russian missile attack

Major blackout in Ukraine after Russian missile attack

There are many large cities in the affected area and millions of people live in them.

sarcasm revenge

“This is a despicable and cynical revenge on the Russian aggressor for the successes of our army,” wrote the mayor of Kharkov. In recent days, the Ukrainian army has achieved great success on the battlefield and pushed the Russians far back.

President Zelensky also blames the Russians for the power outages in eastern Ukraine. “Terrorists are still terrorists. Their goal is to deprive people of light and heat.”

Under pressure from the latest Ukrainian counter-offensive, the Russian Defense Ministry announced on Saturday, more than six months after the start of the war, that it would withdraw its forces from the Kharkov region. The official reason for the withdrawal was a “strategic regrouping” of units.


Ukrainian soldiers have posted plenty of photos on social media that conjures up a different picture: Russian troops are fleeing in a panic, leaving all their equipment behind.

Moscow has yet to respond to Ukraine’s allegations that it deliberately disrupted civilian infrastructure.

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