The second lowest box office of 2022 was achieved in the US

The second lowest box office of 2022 was achieved in the US

It will be a while at the US box office, now that the major titles are weeks away. However, there are small bright spots. A well-discussed horror film Savagery It was able to raise ten million dollars from a backlog. It was good enough for the top spot.

Savagery Uses a recognizable setting (an Airbnb rental) as the starting point for a plot full of unexpected twists and turns. Writer-director Zack Greger’s film, starring Bill Skarsgård, was well received by the press (94 percent on Rotten Tomatoes), translating into a nice ten million dollar gross. If the crowd does not decrease rapidly, Savagery After Black phone And Bodies bodies bodies The next horror will be amazing.

Will the Barbarian be the new Black phone? / 20th Century Studios

Disney had another stroke of luck. Indian superhero movie Brahmastra Part One: Shiva Despite opening in less than 800 theaters, it grossed $4.5 million. This is almost double the expected for the film. The film was a surprising runner-up. All over the world Brahmastra Part One: Shiva It has already raised $26 million.

Bullet train Finished third and showing more and more that he has great legs. Grossing more than $3 million (out of a total of $93 million), the thriller would eventually cross the $100 million mark. Global State Bullet train Now $200 million. In the seventh place, the religious drama opens vital sign with 2.2 million.

A win for both Savagery If Brahmastra It means that the box office did not fall below the record of January 28 (34 million). All the films combined grossed $41 million.

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