June 8, 2023

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Dean's supermarket still missed a lot a year after closing: 'I knew everyone by name'

Dean’s supermarket still missed a lot a year after closing: ‘I knew everyone by name’

It’s been a year since Dane closed his first stores, after selling the company to three other supermarket chains. But what remains of the memories of this West Frisian company a year later? Do you still feel the Danish live? NH Nieuws will be looking back every day next week at the disappearing supermarket. Today reporter Maurice Blau speaks with West Frisians who used to shop in Dane. And it seems that the supermarket chain is still missing.

“It was a very good shop,” says Titia, who had just walked out of an antique shop. She also regrets that he has disappeared. “I just miss her.” Another guy who comes from the same store doesn’t share her opinion. Store Store. A little later, he came back to this: “As a Hornese, I am a little disappointed that such a beautiful company has disappeared from Horn.”

They are not alone. NH surveyed several older Deen stores to see how customers feel about the current state a year after the acquisition. Much of it indicates that it still lacks a debt supermarket. The reasons given are different: for some, the Dane simply belongs to the street scene, for others, the range of new stores that exist has changed a lot.

Tatea walks out of the old Deen shop in Vredehof (Hoorn) – Maurice Blaauw / NH Nieuws

One lady points out that she misunderstood a lot these days. “I do groceries all week, it’s annoying if something isn’t there. In the Dane this was less often, I think they were also allowed to ask for more freedom there.” Tietia introduces herself in this story: “If there’s an empty shelf again, I really think: grrrr!” , shown with a clenched fist.

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Customer service

However, the most common argument is that customer friendliness is becoming less. “I also think a lot of the staff have left,” one shouted, then added that she hardly recognized any of the staff. “I knew them all by name,” said one lady.

Another person comes up with an example: “I just asked an employee where something was, and he replied: I don’t know. And that was it,” said a surprised lady, after which she explained that there was always a Dane who knew.

The text continues below the video.

This Dane became Albert Heijn – New Hampshire

“It was a sea of ​​flowers”

It is also noticeable in many old religion stores that there are fewer flowers. “It was always a sea of ​​flowers when you walked in here,” says one, pointing to the entrance. According to many visitors, this is much less now. Another person adds: “They don’t make a bouquet anymore.”

“There is now one less folder where you can search for offers”

dane lover

In addition, there are also people who search a lot in folders. “Yeah, at Vomar you would sometimes see Deen’s logo in the folder, and then they would have a product that Dane was selling,” says one of the people who notes that Dane’s disappearance also has an impact on performances and actions. “There is now one less folder where you can search for shows,” the person said aloud.

Old Dane shopping carts in Hoogkarspel – Maurice Blaau / NH Nieuws

Many vintage Deen stores also refer to another supermarket chain in West Friesland. Namely, DekaMarkt, because customers think they look like Dane. Although DekaMarkt claims otherwise.

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“Perhaps because the first two letters are the same or because they also offer extra on Tuesdays, as was the case with the Dane at the time. This Tuesday was renamed ‘Danish Day.’ They are just inconsistent in that: it’s one week, yes, a visitor in Dhaka said. Market” last week no. What is good? They’ve kept old shopping carts in Dean, they don’t scream in the street.”

Do men think differently?

In the end, the general mood is the same with each new store formula. It doesn’t matter if it’s Albert Heijn, DekaMarkt or Vomar: most visitors still miss Dane.

Although there is a group indicating that they are happy that they can still get groceries in the area. And it doesn’t matter which store actually exists. Remarkably, to say the least a large part of that group is made up of men.

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