Maan Wins Qmusic Top 40 Icon Award: Most Successful Dutch Speaking Singer | Watch

Maan Wins Qmusic Top 40 Icon Award: Most Successful Dutch Speaking Singer |  Watch

Maan is the most successful Dutch speaking singer in Top 40 history. This title has been held by Cory Konings for over 50 years. Maan deserves a Qmusic Top 40 Icon award with this achievement, which she surprised with in the anniversary edition of the Top 40 Icon.

During the pre-airing of the 3000th Top 40, Maan was a guest in Domien Verschuuren Qmusic’s studio. ,, Top 40 is of course the list of lists. Nowadays there are so many different lists, but if you’re No. 1 in the Top 40, then you’re really No. 1, I think,” replied the man. The singer did not know exactly what awaits her today and therefore received the award completely surprised. “Wow, I think this is really special, thank you. I need to let this sink in for a while.”

The Qmusic Top 40 Icon Award will be presented for the first time as a new award this year. The award goes to an artist who has achieved a special achievement in the past year. Last November, Maan entered the Top 40 at number 13 with her single Stiekem in collaboration with Goldband from The Hague. In doing so, she broke the record previously held by Cory Konings. Maan may call herself the most successful Dutch-speaking female singer in the United States. Top call 40 history.

Broadcast 3000

Today’s Dutch Top 40 celebrates a significant milestone 3000 episodes exactly Since the beginning of the hit list in 1965. Qmusic DJ and host 1st 40 Domien Verschuuren kicked off at 12:00 with a pre-party. There was, among others, the former presenter and president of the Dutch Top 40 Erik de Zwart, and listeners could always choose the first song played in the Qmusic app.

be earlier this week candidates Announcing the Qmusic Top 40 Awards. Son Mieux, Tiësto and Kris Kross Amsterdam have three nominations for the Qmusic Top 40 Awards, which will be presented on February 3 at Ahoy. Of the foreign artists, Harry Styles has the best prospects. He has also been nominated three times.

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