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Many developers of Twitter apps are reporting issues logging in to the app. The social network API seems to cause problems for popular third-party clients like Tweetbot, among others.

Many third-party customers write on their social media channels that they are having problems connecting to Twitter. Twitterific It states that the app cannot connect to Twitter and the reason is unknown. The popular Tweetbot app for iOS and macOS Writes the samelike Android Talon app.

The problems arose Friday morning Dutch time and don’t seem to be resolved at the moment. The problem seems widespread. Tweetbot developers Say That almost all api requests are not handled. This means that users cannot log in, but registered users also cannot update their schedule or perform other actions.

Twitter itself has yet to respond to the outage. The official account already has it He hasn’t tweeted since Dec 10, most likely due to layoffs of the company’s entire communications team. This is why it is not possible to request a response from Twitter. Elon Musk has been active on his account since the problems surfaced, but he didn’t mention the crash there.

Elon Musk has laid off a large number of Twitter employees in recent months, including technical staff. It is not clear exactly how many people are still employed in the social network and what percentage of those are still employed in essential services. In recent weeks, many developers have warned that important parts of Twitter could crash, but it’s not clear if the current problems are caused by the new owner’s reorganization policy.

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