Ludo with a dog leaves GTST viewers wanting more

Ludo with a dog leaves GTST viewers wanting more

Dolly’s arrival in 2019 marked a first in history GTST Pet in soap. The Verduyn family dog ​​has been stealing viewers’ hearts ever since, but not yet Ludo. And while viewers watch Spiritual father Van Meerdijk can be imagined with a loyal four-legged friend by his side. But what kind?

Under an Instagram post about playing Ludo with Dolly, viewers debate which dog would be the best match for Ludo. Some people believe that the Bernese Mountain Dog is made for ludo, while others see it as more of a boxer. Another concludes: “None of these dogs.” Ludo is a greyhound person. Cute and quirky! Whip, greyhound or greyhound.

But then the dog discussion takes a different turn. According to some, there’s only one pet that’s right for a Sanders home: “I really think Ludo likes cats more.”

If Ludo knew about this pet portal, he would be shocked. Because hey, we’re completely ignoring the fact that his heart was stolen by Raven Uccello a long time ago. When Ludo faced death on an oil rig, he developed a special bond with his winged friend, who came to visit him at home after his rescue.

His animal friend’s life was brutally ended by Richard (Edwin Juncker) and Billy (Lon Van Rosendaal), who murdered him. Neither Dolly, nor Benner Senen, nothing could replace Uccello. “This clever bird from the oil rig clearly suits Ludo better,” one viewer wrote. It remains to be seen if the game makers take action following the enthusiastic response to the Ludo game with a four-legged friend.

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GTST It can be watched from Monday to Thursday at 8 pm on RTL 4 and can be viewed on Videoland.

This week it turned out to be Bas Mois, who played Ludo’s brother Stefano GTST Plays, was allegedly kidnapped and physically abused earlier this year. His colleagues respond with the following:

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