is flooded with hundreds of books written with artificial intelligence is flooded with hundreds of books written with artificial intelligence

This mainly concerns travel guides, language guides, cookbooks and reports BNR Based on our own research. The channel stated that hundreds of books are being presented that have been compiled together by artificial intelligence.

The paragraphs were analyzed

BNR purchased random books on and conducted research using the tool Whether the scripts are written by a human or by a program like ChatGPT. According to BNR, after analyzing random paragraphs, it is clear that dozens of books were written with one hundred percent certainty by artificial intelligence (AI).

This mainly concerns English-language books with titles such as Bangkok Travel Guide, but Dutch books – for example Suikerdieet – were also collected by the AI ​​tool.

Not only e-books but also paper versions are created by chatbot. However, these books often have a strikingly cheap look, for example, grainy pictures on the cover and very large letters to fill more pages. Prices range from a few euros to twenty euros. Manufacturers tell BNR that sometimes books are put together by ChatGPT in fifteen minutes.

‘social issue’ told BNR that it had “no idea” how many titles sold online were created with the help of artificial intelligence. In response, the company said it was not taking any action because this was “the beginning of a new social issue.”

The first books written by Amnesty International and found by BNR date back to October last year. Then ChatGPT was also introduced.

Reuters reported at the beginning of this year that Amazon’s American online store was filled with books that were “written” or “illustrated” by artificial intelligence. Famous American authors went to court last week: they want to restrict this type of writing.

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