Luca Borsato receives death threats after Marco’s voice scandal

Luca Borsato receives death threats after Marco's voice scandal

In the much-discussed broadcast Angry The surface of the charges is hot. For example, three candidates from The Voice Kids Reported to AngryHost Tim Hoffman to tell their story. According to them, Marco was guilty of sexually aggressive behavior.

This harmed not only Marco’s name, but also the name of his children. For example, Luca says his well-known nickname isn’t just a privilege: “In recent years, I’ve faced the consequences if the leadership changes.” For example, he had been writing music for years and would even advertise it, but this stopped “due to circumstances”.

Luca is not only experiencing the consequences of the allegations musically. Hate comments and death threats are no longer strange to me today. He also seems to want to distance himself from the situation around his father: “As much as I desire to be freed from something I am separated from, it seems impossible to do so.”

In his message, he also wants to emphasize that he “absolutely” does not want pity or “attention” by sharing this. However, he hopes that he will no longer have to hide himself, “because that is simply what is best for the current situation.” He also wrote that he wanted to escape “patterns of expectation and fear of negativity.” For this reason, he decided to fulfill his dream again and will soon come up with his own music. No label, no directors, no photographers or videographers, no media team. I’m only with the support of my best friends and fellow musicians, as I started three years ago.

This step will not be self-evident, as it goes against “everything and everyone’s advice”. However, Luca says he doesn’t want to stand still for much longer. I am my character, with my story and my voice. This is what I want to get out of.

Luca’s mother, Leonten, responds to his message on her Instagram Stories. Dear Luca, I am very proud of you. Follow your own path and your heart. Leontine also fully supports her son’s music career. “Your music deserves to be heard,” she wrote.

While Luca tries to save his career, Marco can’t be recovered – according to Rob Goossens.

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