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a Clay I got Half-Life 2 working on the Nintendo Switch. This was successful because the Portal games released on Tuesday for the Switch also contain parts of Half-Life 2. Levels and music still need to be downloaded from an external source.

Portal: Companion Collection has been available for the Nintendo Switch since Tuesday. this Game Portal Pack 1 and 2, ported by Nvidia Lightspeed Studios. This studio also previously built the Half-Life 2 port for the Nvidia Shield TV set-top boxes and it appears that large parts of it is in the Portal bundle for the Switch.

Mud switch Oats write dum That he managed to get Half-Life 2 up and running in Portal 1 on the Switch. According to him, this is possible because Portal 1 is actually a “glorious modification” of Half-Life 2 and because the studio that made the port left many of the Half-Life 2 originals in the Portal package.

Half-Life 2’s maps and music are missing; OatmealDome had to put it on the key itself. This is only possible with the Jailbroken Switch console. According to the mod, there are still quite a few glitches, not all levels can be completed and there are many bugs in the NPCs animation. Saving games doesn’t work either. In a YouTube video, OatmealDome shows the game running at 60 frames per second. Sometimes the game gets stuck, but maybe that’s because Shading assembly And the Reconstructs the node graph

Although the game doesn’t work flawlessly yet, mods are showing that Half-Life 2 can run well on the Switch, provided the game is optimized for the Nintendo console. Valve has yet to announce any plans to bring Half-Life to the Switch.

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