Luca Borsato must say goodbye to his last name.

Luca Borsato must say goodbye to his last name.

For years, Luca has wanted to break out as a singer, but only when he knows exactly what music he wants to achieve, does he oppose him on all sides.

“don’t hide”

Record companies, directors and producers: they put their hands off Luca Borsato. “Collaboration has stopped regarding my music,” Marco’s eldest son wrote on Instagram last week. He also announced that he no longer wanted to hide because according to some people, it was better for the situation.


Henny Huisman has some advice for Marco’s son. “He has to say goodbye to the name Borsato. It is better for him to take his mother’s name, or act alone like Luca. Great stage name: short and sweet. Of course, he will still be seen at first as a son, but when he makes good music, he will arrive with Luca.” Only more than Luca Borsato. This is how it works. The children of famous footballers know this too. When they play well, they have the talent of their father. If they play poorly, this famous name is a burden. Luca will experience the same.

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