Jennifer (36 years old): “Now I get paid 300 euros less as a permanent employee” | salary

Jennifer (36 years old): “Now I get paid 300 euros less as a permanent employee” |  salary

salaryhow much do you earn? We ask a Dutch person every week. Today: Jennifer (36) works 36 hours a week as a surgical assistant.

What do you earn?
,, I am now net 3000 euros. The total is 4220 euros.

Happy with – cheerful who?
I am definitely happy with my salary. That’s why I worked Maar. Now I am starting to earn €300 less net, and I no longer have a rental car with a fuel card and mileage.”

You lost a lot, so what made you choose the permanent contract?
Now I really belong to a team. If you work for a lending agency, you come to fill in the blanks. Your colleagues know that you earn more. I felt like I was looked down upon because of it. I earned more, but also had a lot of travel time. On one occasion I had to go from Den Bosch to Utrecht or Nijmegen, and in exceptional cases also far away. Then you sit in the car for a long time. I prefer to spend this time in my social contacts. I really feel at home in the hospital where I work now. This gives peace of mind.”

What are your secondary employment terms?
“I get vacation pay and year-end bonus. Travel costs are minimal. I get paid 86 euros a month. Once a year I get net 900 euros. I spend 250 euros a month on gasoline, so the costs are not fully covered.”

Have you negotiated your salary?
Yes, I was in step 9 and went to number 10. That is a total of 50 or 100 euros per month. Not much, but still… You’ve worked in many different hospitals and you learn a lot from that. You get a welcome bonus at Randstad, but unfortunately they don’t have that at Brabant.”

Was this the first time you negotiated?
“That’s right, I’ve never dared to do that before. Through experience, I now dare say ‘I’m a good OR helper.'”

Do you know what your colleagues earn?
,,Around. It’s not discussed in breaks, but you know what stage everyone is in.”

How do you see your future?
, I think in the future – in five to ten years I will be doing a management course. Then I will increase my salary. I think it’s quite a challenge to be able to manage a team. Now I love being in the workplace, it’s the processes that give me satisfaction.”

Is Jennifer enough?

Age: 36
Number of years of work experience: 12
Number of working hours per week: 36
Education: HBO
Position: Medical Assistant *
Industry: health care
Number of employees: 250
Country of residence: NL
* = The position of Operational Assistant is not included in the salary guide, so we chose “Medical Assistant”

according to Salary Guide The average salary for a medical assistant position is 2775 euros total. “As a nurse, you are rated lower than if you were an Operational Assistant and this position is not listed in the salary handbook.” According to the hospital collective labor agreement, the salary of a qualified operating assistant starts from 2882 euros per month. . The maximum salary for this position is 4227 euros per month.

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