Looks like 2 Bishop Sycamore players have been recruited by the best college football programs

Looks like 2 Bishop Sycamore players have been recruited by the best college football programs

at least two Bishop Sycamore The football players appear to have been recruited by the major college football programs as questions arise over the legitimacy of the Ohio school.

The 24/7 college football recruitment website showed that at least two players from the school are being recruited by major programs playing in the football sub-division – wide receivers Armond Scott And Jeremy Naburn.


Scott is listed as Recruited by Syracuse. He confirmed this in June when he thanked Orange for giving him an offer. Two Syracuse coaches liked the tweet. Scott said he was reclassified to the 2022 class when he was Age questioned online.

Naborn is highly recruited, according to 24/7 Sports. He reportedly received offers from Tennessee and UCLA.

Naburn was included in the list given to the media for her game against Archbishop Hoban earlier in August. Scott was not.

And high-ranking recruiters seemed to resist the idea that the school was “fake”. Andre Peterson, director and founder of Bishop Sycamore, said so frankly USA Today On Monday the school was not a “scam”.

“There is nothing I got out of this that could constitute a scam because I don’t get anything financially from what we do. The fact of the matter is that I have a son (Javan) who is also on the program and has been on the program for four years.”

“If it’s a scam and the kids don’t go to school and don’t do what they’re supposed to do, I’m literally cheating on myself. Most importantly, I’m hurting my son. So when people say things like that… I’m literally going to take my son’s future and throw it in the trash.”

Ex-ESPN chief makes no mistake in company for Bishop Seymour Saga: ‘You can’t know everything’

As of Thursday, the school does not appear to have a website in operation but the soccer team was advertising a site to sell merchandise.

“We have to make sure that this site also includes the academic part of it,” Peterson told USA Today. “There are things that you learn.” “You have a growing pain. We realized this was a problem. The truth is that we caused some questions by not doing some things that should have been done before. That is understandable. I totally got it. We have to make it a physical school site.”

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine called on the state’s Department of Education to investigate the school.

“Like many Ohioans, I am concerned by the recent reports and questions that have been raised about Bishop Sycamore,” DeWine said in a statement. While this weekend’s football game raised concerns about the health and safety of players, it also raised red flags about the school’s operations. “. Tuesday. “Schools like Bishop Sycamore have an obligation under Ohio law to meet minimum standards. It is not clear whether Bishop Sycamore meets these standards or not. I have asked the Ohio Department of Education to conduct an investigation into Bishop Sycamore to ensure compliance with Ohio law and ensure that That the school provides the educational opportunities Ohio students deserve.”


Bishop Sycamore has brought down all of his remaining opponents amid the fallout from the IMG Academy game that appeared on ESPN. according to Cleveland normal dealer, did not count the first game Bishop Sycamore played against Archbishop Hoban because Bishop Sycamore was not affiliated with the Ohio High School Athletics and was listed as an online-only charter school.

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