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Amazon will officially make its game streaming service Luna available in the US on Tuesday. According to Amazon, the service has more than a hundred games from day one. It is not yet known when this service will be available outside the United States.

After one and a half years of initial access, Amazon is developing its game streaming service Available To everyone in the United States. The price of the service will vary depending on which game channels you subscribe to. There is a Luna + channel for $ 10 a month, but there is also a family channel for $ 6 a month. Until April 1, 2022, subscriptions to these channels will be available at a reduced initial access rate.

Ubisoft also offers its games through Luna. A subscription to the Ubisoft + channel costs $ 18 per month. For that you can stream about thirty five Ubisoft games through the service. Ubisoft has previously partnered with Google to make its games available on Stadia. Luna has two smaller channels: the Retro Channel and the Jackbox Games Channel. Both cost $ 5 a month.

Luna is supported on Fire TVs, Fire Tablets and iPads and iPhones running the Safari web browser for iOS14. Luna also supports a select number of Android devices, the Amazon one List Ready with supported models. You can install Luna Client or play it on PC or Mac via Chrome web browser. For a standard stream, Amazon recommends connecting the device you want to stream to the Internet via an Ethernet cable. Anyway, you need a 10Mbps connection to stream properly.

Luna controller and twitch integration

Amazon Announced 2020 will also have its own controller, especially for Luna. The service also supports other controllers via Bluetooth and USB connectivity. You can play games with mouse and keyboard controls. If that does not work, there is also a special Luna controller utility that allows you to use your smartphone as a controller.

Not only can you stream games to your TV or other devices via Luna, you can also broadcast your gameplay on Twitch. Streamers can use their smartphone as a webcam and microphone. Twitch was made in 2014 Take The integration with Amazon and Luna was obvious.

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