Gundogan and Volt face each other in court: ‘It’s not about one fight or one advance’ | Policy

Gundogan and Volt face each other in court: 'It's not about one fight or one advance' |  Policy

VideoComplaints about sexually abusive behavior from former Volt MP Nilufer Gundogan were about “a slap in the buttocks and comments about appearance,” as it turned out during today’s briefings. Gundogan is also said to have a “problematic relationship with alcohol”.

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Her lawyer Geert Jean Nobbs dismissed the latest accusation as “nonsense.” It is reported that the only concrete complaint comes from a former friend of Gundogan who went to work in the group and the contract was not extended on her initiative due to “lack of quality”.

Wohlt’s attorney, Rachel Moritz, disputed this. “It’s not about one person who might not get along well with Gundogan, it’s not about one fight or one advance, it’s about a structural pattern.” Three about sexual developments. Reporters found it “uncomfortable and scary,” also because there was a difference in “age and location.”


The fight between Volt and former party member Gundogan continues in court today. There, Gundogan demanded that the allegations against her be corrected and that compensation be provided. She also states that Wohlt acted illegally by dismissing her as a member of the House faction.

MP Nilufer Gundogan after summary proceedings against the Parliamentary Volt Group. © ANP / Ramon van Flymen

It happened on Sunday, February 13, when the party announced in a press release that it had received “reports” of “contrary to conduct”. An investigation of Gundogan by an independent integrity agency Turns out it’s already busy and expandeddeclared eV. Nobbs called this an “extremely drastic measure” which was “premature and unnecessarily harmful” to his volt number of 2.

Only after her suspension were other reports received, Nobbs said. Volt Party leader Lorenz Dassin He said there had been “signals” of unwanted behavior for some time. There were also “several conversations” with her about “foul language” and “inappropriate statements” that “do not always correspond” to what Wohlt wanted to “communicate”.


Folt said that while investigating the reports, Gundogan was asked “repeatedly” to give her side of the story, but she declined because she believed the agency was not independent. The mediation process, which began on Wednesday, February 23, and according to Gundogan’s lawyers said should remain confidential, turned out to be “not leading to an adequate solution”. Then it was last Saturday Permanently expelled from the Volt faction

Nobbs said Gundogan knew nothing of this decision. Although she received an email on Saturday morning inviting her to the Volt meeting to start an hour later, Gundogan was on the phone and didn’t see the email. The email thread already indicated what would be discussed: the termination of Gundogan’s party membership.

Nilufer Gundogan said after the session that it was “very instructive”. I grumbled a bit about the pressures of the campaign. “I’m also a mother. I couldn’t start a parent-teacher conference without promising the teacher in good conscience that I wouldn’t do the things that appeared in the press. Even more so than my political career, that’s what affects me.”
According to her, going to court is the only way to achieve this, she says emotionally. “When you think of sexually opposite behavior, you think of a woman sending pictures of flamingos! How rancid is that?!”

Knopps announced during the hearing that Gundogan asked the House of Representatives Integrity Council last Friday to investigate the Volt case. The first aid judge also wanted to know why Wohlt didn’t go to this college instead of calling an agency. There was no clear answer.

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The attorney stated that Wohlt wanted the investigation to be conducted “peacefully” and “with due regard to the interests of all”. Now the case was “publicly discussed at the initiative of Ms. Gundogan”. That went a bridge too far for the judge. , with Wohlt’s press release, it was already public, wasn’t it? According to Moritz, Volt was “reluctant”.

harassment pattern

She has identified a pattern of intimidation by Gundogan, where she will use “obvious lies” and how she is “trying to get her way” through the press. Moretz quoted an email in which Gundogan says she is “consistently public” to tell her story. ‘Sunday Volkskrant And the Buitenhof† Monday Jenk† By the way, Gundogan did not. However, according to Moritz, this is “a feature of the tone with which Gundogan communicates when not going her way.”

But according to Nobbs, Gundogan had to jump through all the hoops the Volt carried for her. “It was swallowed or choked.”

The Relief Pre-Trial Judge will issue his verdict on Wednesday, March 9. And she said at the beginning of the session, which lasted for hours, that she had doubts about whether “this battle with the legal ruling can end successfully.” “I’m afraid there are only losers.” The leader of the Walt Daessen party acknowledged that there are “only losers”. While the European Union is currently acting as one front in the war in Ukraine, we as a European party are just working on it. This is of course very painful.”

Volt party leader Lawrence Dassin after the summary actions of Member of Parliament Nilufer Gundogan against the Volt parliamentary group.

Volt party leader Lawrence Dassin after the summary actions of Member of Parliament Nilufer Gundogan against the Volt parliamentary group. © ANP / Ramon van Flymen

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