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Logitech markets POP Keys, a 75% wireless mechanical keyboard with separate, interchangeable emoji buttons. There will also be a matching POP mouse and mouse pad in two different sizes.

Logitech markets both POP Keys and POP Mouse in three colors; Yellow – black, white with shades of yellow and purple, shades of pink. The keyboard and mouse will appear in European markets this month. It was already for sale in other parts of the world. The keyboard is a 75% mechanical wireless keyboard that has an extra row of keys on the right side. It’s five special emoji keys. All keys are interchangeable of course, but that’s the intention of the first four keys of these emojis. In addition to the four keys on the board, Logitech offers four additional keys with other emoji. This allows users to customize their keyboard. The bottom of the five additional keys also serves to invoke an emoji shortcut menu.

The POP Keys are a mechanical keyboard and the keys used by Logitech are of their own making, but according to the manufacturer they are comparable to Cherry brown switches. The company chose brown because it makes it easier to switch from a non-mechanical keyboard to a mechanical one, Logitech believes. This also immediately shows who Logitech hopes to get to with a keyboard: youngsters, who might get their first mechanical keyboard with POP keys. Additional emoji keys should not only attract young people, but also design. With its round keys and large travel, the keyboard is somewhat reminiscent of Old-fashioned typewriters. As a striking accent, the POP Keys have a golden Escape key.

Logitech supplies POP Keys with a file Bolt log usb receiver. The keyboard weighs just over 800g and is powered by an included AAA battery. So POP switches don’t have a rechargeable battery, like MX wireless switches also. The battery should last three years with average use.

POP switches can be controlled via Logitech Options software. This allows the functionality of a number of buttons to be modified as desired. By default, Logitech has already made room on the keyboard for functions like screenshot and mute. A profile can be created for any arbitrary program via the program and the program ensures that the correct profile is activated as soon as that program becomes active. It also already provides presets for many popular programs such as Word and Photoshop. Logitech has no plans to sell additional sets of emoji keys yet.

POP Mouse is a small and lightweight wireless mouse. It weighs 80 grams and is powered by a AA battery. Therefore, the POP mouse is not rechargeable. The battery lasts for two years with normal use. Mouse connects via bluetooth. However, Logitech offers the mouse without a USB Bluetooth dongle. POP Mouse is equipped with two silent buttons and also has a third button behind the mouse wheel. Its function can be determined via the options program.

Logitech also offers two different mouse pads in the same colors as the POP Keys and the POP Mouse. There is a large variant that fits both a mouse and keyboard and a small variant that only fits a mouse. Both options are water repellent. All four products will be on the market this month. The suggested retail price of the POP switches would be €99.99, the POP Mouse cost €39.99, the large mousepad €19.99 and the small €9.99.

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