A cannibal escapes and attacks a woman in the street again | abroad

A cannibal escapes and attacks a woman in the street again |  abroad

Jeremy Remo has been in a closed psychiatric facility since 2011. The man is a veteran and returned from Afghanistan that year. Two weeks after returning to France, he killed a 90-year-old farmer and dismembered the man’s body. According to the criminal file, he was going to cut out the victim’s tongue and also free a piece of his heart. Then he wanted to cook it with white beans.

Remo told the police that he heard voices ordering him to kill the old man.

A little later, he was caught trying to kill a second farmer with an iron rod. Then he was caught just in time. Remo was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder and for the nickname “cannibal of the Pyrenees”. He was later diagnosed with schizophrenia and found to have PTSD since his time in Afghanistan.


So the man had been in the closed facility for years, but escaped on Wednesday. During this escape, he attacked a woman in the street. She was walking her dog near downtown Toulouse when Remo hit her in the back of the head. Then he hit her again with a stick. The passersby came to the aid of the woman, causing Remo to flee.

The man was arrested again and returned to the institution. An investigation is currently underway to determine how the man escaped.

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