Melgeek Pixel and Keysme Lunar 01 Keyboard Review

Melgeek Pixel and Keysme Lunar 01 Keyboard Review
  • Melgic Pixel
  • Keysme Lunar 01


The Melgeek Pixel is a one-of-a-kind keyboard with its dotted print on the clear keycaps, the Lego-compatible finish on the cover, USB cable, and wireless dongle. You can even make it infinitely more unique, because with attached or your own Lego blocks, you can customize the keyboard to your heart’s content. If that’s not enough, you can also put photos under the transparent keycaps. Under the skin, the Pixel is an excellent keyboard with various wired and wireless connectivity options, a gasket-printed keyboard and excellent switches. For serious tapping, we recommend other keycaps.


Keysme has done its best to produce a luxurious and quiet keyboard. Thanks to double gasketing, silicone damping on the bottom of the chassis and under the “panel” and with lubricated keys and fasteners, the keyboard is quiet and durable. You just have to appreciate the design. We liked the clear housing, but we don’t recommend the polycarbonate keycaps. Fortunately, there are also versions with different types and colors of pbt keycaps.

We don’t often review products from Kickstar or other somewhat vague devices. However, for the two keyboards we’re looking at in this review, we’d like to make an exception. One is a keyboard fit for the popular Lego bricks and appears to be made in part from them, and the other is a discreetly developed keyboard dressed in NASA clothes.

With the second keyboard we have to say something right away; It’s not the keyboard we wanted and it’s not the keyboard you might get. Firstly, this is a pre-production model and secondly, the color and material are not what we agreed with the manufacturer. But… with your eyes closed, you have a keyboard that at least pretty much makes up for the second aspect.

We were excited to take a closer look at the “Lego Keyboard” because, well, it’s lego. It’s actually pure heresy, but secretly, somewhere between the buttons and the recesses, there is also a real and dangerous keyboard. Of course Lego keyboard is not allowed with this name, so the manufacturer Melgeek calls it Pixel. You can already use this keyboard A book for $199, but the final retail price will be $250. “NASA keyboard”, and lunar 01cost During Kickstarter About 160 euros, but it will cost about 280 euros in normal sales.

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