Live Blog | The US top general has called for the establishment of permanent bases in eastern NATO countries

Live Blog |  The US top general has called for the establishment of permanent bases in eastern NATO countries

This is the 41st day of the war in Ukraine. Secretary of State Blinken has announced that the United States is allocating another $ 100 million for “security assistance” to Ukraine. Among other things, money is being used for anti-armor systems. In total, the United States has now received more than $ 2.4 billion to strengthen the Ukrainian armed forces. The White House will announce new sanctions against Russia today.

‘Finland’s NATO membership application may have arrived today’

07:39 | Today NATO foreign ministers are set to discuss assistance to Ukraine. Finland, Sweden, Georgia and Ukraine are also attending. Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg will begin the meeting this afternoon.

The main topic is how to increase support for Ukraine Russia is now on the offensive in the east of Europe, “said Stephen de Vries, a European correspondent. ‘It gives NATO countries more time to supply weapons, especially anti-tank weapons, anti-aircraft systems and other equipment. They want to act quickly because Russia now seems to be taking a kind of break.

The meeting of NATO foreign ministers has been on the agenda for some time, but according to de Vries, it will certainly be affected by the horrific images of Botswana. This has had a huge impact on everyone and the images will contribute to NATO’s quick decision making. There may be more support than there currently is, however it will be with material support. Yet, of course, Ukraine has no no-fly zone and no forces. ‘

A set of new sanctions against Russia, but oil and gas are still being avoided

06:54 | After the shocking pictures of the Ukrainian city of Budja, Western nations retaliated with sanctions. The European Commission announced yesterday a ban on imports of Russian coal. Russian ships are no longer welcomed in European ports and the US has banned Russians from accessing US dollars, making it more difficult for them to repay foreign loans.

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“I think the embargo on coal will definitely not bother Russia much,” he said. Says Russia correspondent Justin Bosman. ‘The EU imports about four billion euros a year from Russia. This is a small beer compared to the tens of billions that go on gas to Europe. So this is really a code permit, a warning that they are now going to boycott energy imports from Russia. Sanctions on oil and gas will be big moves, but it will affect Europe the most.

The US top general has called for the establishment of permanent bases in eastern NATO countries

05:59 | A top US military official has spoken out in support of establishing permanent bases in NATO countries in Eastern Europe. Top General Mark Millie made his statements in Congress on Tuesday, where he appeared for the first time since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in late February.

Millie said she expects more US presence in the region “for a while” because the duration of the conflict in Ukraine “must be measured in years.” “My advice would be to create permanent sites, but not to make them permanent,” Millie told MPs. “So you get rotating troops rotating through permanent bases,” he said.

Millie said European allies, including Poland, Romania and the Baltic states, would be “very willing” to build and pay bases for US troops. Lloyd Austin, a spokesman for Congress and Secretary of Defense, added: “If it is appropriate for NATO to change its physical presence (in Eastern Europe), we will certainly be a part of it.”

Russia strongly opposes the permanent deployment of NATO troops in Eastern European countries. Russia demands that Ukraine never join NATO

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Intel also suspends operations in Russia

04:34 | US chipmaker Intel on Tuesday suspended operations in Russia. Intel continues to join the global community by condemning Russia’s war against Ukraine and calling for a speedy return to peace.

Chipmaker said it has implemented business continuity measures to minimize disruption to its global operations.

By March, Intel had stopped all exports to customers in Russia and Belarus.

Ukrainian army: About 400 people living in the suburbs of Kiev are missing

04:21 | About 400 residents of Hostomal, a suburb of the Ukrainian capital Kiev, went missing after the Russian invasion in late February. A Ukrainian military official told the Ukrainian Pravda online newspaper on Tuesday.

Authorities are currently examining foundations in the area, hoping to locate the missing. For example, since she and her husband were taken away by Russian troops, a local doctor had not been consulted for twelve days. The bodies of those known to be dead have not yet been found, the army official said.

The hostom capital is located northwest of Kiev and near the airport. The suburbs have been the subject of fierce fighting since the beginning of the Russian invasion. So most of the 16,000 people were evacuated.

A few days ago, Ukrainian forces regained control of Hostomel and two suburbs of Kiev, Budja and Irbin. The discovery of a dead civilian in Buttshaw this weekend has sparked international outrage.

CBS: Our sunflower oil always came from Ukraine in 2021

00:01 | Ukraine was the largest supplier of sunflower oil to the Netherlands last year. This was reported by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). Most of the imported corn came from Ukraine, which was occupied by Russia in late February. As a result of the war, Ukrainian exports fell sharply.

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In total, more than 2 billion euros worth of goods were imported from Ukraine last year. With 1. 1.8 billion, agricultural products are the most important. The import value of sunflower oil and corn alone was already over 1 billion euros. More than 40 percent of the corn we import comes from Ukraine.

The Netherlands is the largest importer of sunflower oil in the European Union. Our country is an important market for Ukraine because 84 percent of the imported sunflower oil comes from here. Most of these eventually end up overseas again because it is in transit or processed as an export product. ‘The Netherlands is only 15 per cent behind, especially after further processing,’ CBS says in a statement.

Sunflower oil is used in chips, cookies and sauces. Alternative oils are now used in many such products due to scarcity. As a result, the label or ingredient notice does not match the composition of the product at this time. Sunflower oil can be replaced with soybean oil, rapeseed oil or palm oil. According to Netherlands statistics, ‘But these are not always readily available or cheap.

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