Here’s what happened last night: Navalny attacks Russian state media, hundreds of residents lost | Abroad

Here's what happened last night: Navalny attacks Russian state media, hundreds of residents lost |  Abroad

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has called from prison for strict punitive measures against Russian state media. According to him, they not only spread false news, but even encourage the war in Ukraine. These instigators must be treated like war criminals.

Navalny says on Twitter he can’t believe how state TV described the atrocities earlier this week In the town of Bucha It came to light, it came out. Hundreds of residents were killed in the town, most likely by the Russian army. The opposition leader is serving a year in prison for embezzlement, among other things. He himself denies this and regards his conviction as a political statement because of his struggle against Putin’s policies. In captivity, Navalny only has access to state broadcasters, such as Channel One. ‘Newscasters reported that NATO was responsible for what happened in Bucha. Meticulously prepared work. “I saw him with my own eyes, otherwise I wouldn’t believe they were spreading such heinous lies,” said Navalny, who almost always relays his statements through his lawyer.

Russian who in 2020 She almost succumbed to nerve gas poisoningHe notes that the tone of news and talk shows is becoming increasingly aggressive. Not only do they approve of the war campaigns against Ukraine, they demand it from Putin. They call for the bombing of Lviv and the storming of Kyiv. This kind of propaganda should be severely punished and these instigators should be treated like war criminals.” Navalny calls for sanctions on state media, such as freezing their assets in the West and making it more difficult to provide (equipment) to stations.

missing persons

In addition to Bucha, more stories about civilian casualties are also published from other suburbs of Kyiv. For example, about 400 residents of the city of Hostomel were lost. A Ukrainian military spokesman told the online newspaper: Ukrainska Pravda.

Authorities are currently searching basements in the area, among other things, in the hope of tracing the missing. For example, a local doctor has not been contacted for twelve days, since she and her husband were taken by Russian forces. The army spokesman said that the bodies of the people known to have died had not been found.

Hostomel is located northwest of Kyiv, close to the airport. The suburb has been the subject of fierce fighting since the beginning of the Russian invasion. So most of the population of 16,000 fled. A few days ago, Ukrainian forces recaptured Hostomil and two other suburbs of Kyiv, Potja and Irpin.


As the Russians withdraw from the north, they strike hard in the south. For example, the army announced new battles in the battle for the strategically important coastal city of Mariupol. The Russian military said it was able to prevent the evacuation of Ukrainian officers from the besieged city. It is said that the Russians shot down two helicopters, with which the commanders had to be evacuated. The Ministry of Defense in Moscow spoke of leaders in the Azov National Battalion.

Moscow had earlier suggested that the Ukrainian fighters lay down their arms and leave the city “by an agreed route” to Kyiv-controlled territory. It is said that the Ukrainian military ignored the proposal. “Since the Ukrainian government in Kyiv is not interested in saving the lives of its soldiers, Mariupol will be liberated from the nationalists,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

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Additional military aid

In order to continue the fight against the Russians, the Ukrainians receive a lot of (military) aid from the West. For example, the United States is providing another $100 million (about €92 million) in “security assistance,” as Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said. The Ukrainians will be equipped with additional anti-armor systems, among other things.

The US Department of Defense announced Friday that it will allocate an additional $300 million in additional military assistance to Ukraine. This money will be spent on laser-guided missile systems, drones, armored vehicles, machine guns, and satellite services, among other things. $100 million was announced last night on top of all of this. In total, the administration of President Joe Biden has provided more than $2.4 billion to support the Ukrainian armed forces.

The Americans support the establishment of permanent bases in NATO countries in Eastern Europe, such as Poland and the Baltic states. Russia strongly opposes the permanent deployment of NATO combat forces in Eastern European countries, citing an agreement in the 1990s, which demands that Ukraine never join NATO.

NATO foreign ministers, including Minister Wupke Hoekstra, will meet in Brussels on Thursday and Thursday to discuss the war in Ukraine.

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