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Microsoft is revamping Windows Explorer in Windows 11. File Explorer gets a new design and tabs. It is not yet known when the new Windows Explorer will be added to Windows 11.

Microsoft officially announces new tabs and design for Windows Explorer in Articles† Tabs were already last month explore In the Insider Preview Build, but Microsoft hasn’t officially announced anything yet.

Tabs were already on the way in Windows 10, when Microsoft tried out Define function† These tabs were eventually removed from the operating system before they were properly added. Now the tabs are still added. The first image Microsoft shows shows what the new Explorer will look like. At the top there is the option to show windows in tabs, as we are already used to in many Internet browsers.

Microsoft also announced the integration of Windows 11 with Windows 365 Boot. This makes it possible to log directly into a cloud computer from the taskbar. You can then switch between the cloud and your local computer via the taskbar.

It is not yet known when new features will be added to Windows 11. It is likely that updates will be added to Insider Builds before they are available to all users.

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