Lions release first-round pick Prishad Berryman ahead of deadline for NFL final roster, reports report

Lions release first-round pick Prishad Berryman ahead of deadline for NFL final roster, reports report

The NFL preseason is officially over, and that means it’s time for a lot of unpleasant conversations about the league — all 32 teams are working to shrink their 80-man roster to the mandatory number of 53 before Tuesday’s deadline. There will be many notable names to be cut in the next day or so and Prashad Berryman is said to be one of them. The previous first round selection was released by Detroit Lions, per Adam Shifter ESPNand returning it to a free agency only months after he was discharged. Perriman signed a one-year, $2.5 million deal with Lions last March, but there are a few things that make the move unexpected.

First, despite a one-year deal, Lions guaranteed Berryman $2 million of his $2.5 million contract, so his release would mean they would have to eat $2 million in dead money against their salary cap. Second, it’s not as if the Lions have swept talent on the WR depth chart, which means Perriman has struggled to outsmart both veterans and freshmen in training camp and pre-season.

The latter is certainly true, given that the 27-year-old was able to muster only one catch for six yards in his two pre-season games with the Lions — on five goals combined. That’s not what Lions signed on to, and the promise of the unit’s other receivers eventually made her comfortable eating $2 million to send Berryman his way.

It is considered the twenty-sixth overall selection of the model Baltimore Ravens In 2015, Berryman has been a Major League Soccer player since 2018, having signed with the Washington Soccer team that year after being released by the Ravens. His stay in Washington was the first of several short stints with the clubs, having been waived five days after joining the organization in mid-September. then joins Cleveland Browns In October he finished the season with 340 yards and two-on-16 catches, but were forced back to free agency when Brown didn’t advance. Then he came stays with Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2019 on a one-year deal worth $4 million, followed by another one-year contract in 2020, this time with New York Jets For over $8 million with a $6 million guarantee.

He went on to roll out career numbers with the Buccaneers – hitting 645 yards and six touchdowns – followed by a solid stat year with the Jets, which he then capitalized on in the aforementioned deal with the Lions that has now come to an end. As in the past, Perriman will likely land soon with a team in need of WR, and his asking price shouldn’t be too high, considering he’s leaving Detroit with $2 million for his summer visit.

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