LG announces a 27-inch version of the UltraFine OLED Pro screen – Computer – News

A big advantage of this type of monitor is that you can have more control over how HDR is displayed. If you have a lot of white in the picture, the brightness of the OLED TV automatically decreases, because the total amount of power from the panel is limited. You have no control over exactly how and when that happens, these OLED screens offer that control.

It is always good to know this kind of “tricks”. Beforeā€¦ Shoot Live: Never be proud of HDR. I want to get the best possible image of myself. I have an OLED from 2016, I think, which I believe goes to 600 nits (currently around 900 nits). If there is more white in the image, the screen will become too warm overall and the maximum amount of light (per pixel) will be reduced.

Nice, if you think your screen has a Dolby Vision feel, where in theory there’s 10,000 nits, your screen gets 6% max of that, maybe less in practice.
Not that we’re going to see those 10,000 nits at home right now, because in addition to your own screen being able to display them, there’s also a need for a device that can capture and process a lot of light effectively, and in practice it turns out to be about 1,000 nits to 4,000 nits .
So what does HDR say: a lot. It does not guarantee anything. And by HDR, I mean not only Dolby Vision, but also HLG and HDR10 (+). It actually sounds suspiciously like Dolby Atmos (which makes loud speakers possible and is supported by smartphones. Although of course you can carry your smartphone on top of you. ;)). And do not forget about HDMI. or USB standard. And I think SD too. All this says a lot and does not guarantee anything.

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