Leontine Ruiters no longer wears Marco’s wedding ring!

Leontine Ruiters no longer wears Marco's wedding ring!

“We’re dating again,” Marco told Story last year. Together again under one roof the bridge was too far away. After selling the $1 million villa in Blaricum after its breakup, Leontine moved into a semi-detached house in Huizen and Marko moved into an apartment in Alkmaar. We relax. We share two homes and either with one or the other. It’s really cool. I am very happy, and thank you that we had this opportunity. My love for Leontine never went away. There doesn’t seem to be a spot in the air anymore. There was speculation that the two would tie the knot again.

Wedding ring

But at the end of last year, dark clouds were back again over Huize Borsato. Marco has been charged with sexual assault by a former employee. The singer had touched her underage daughter at that time. He was also accused of sexually inappropriate behavior among underage girls who participated in The Voice. Both Marco and Leonten withdrew from the publicity. Not together, but each in their own environment. A few months ago, friends announced that there was little left to renew the relationship between Marco and Leonten. Leontine is silent, but the fact that she is no longer wearing her wedding ring says it all. Because even after her break in 2020, she always continued to wear her wedding ring. But the ring she wore with pride and love was no longer on her finger!

Photo: Peter Smulders

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