Inauguration of the solar farm in Klarabolder in the Nikiri district

Opening Solar Farm te Clarapolder in district Nickerie

On Sunday, June 26, the “Suriname Electricity System Development and Expansion Project”, or the so-called solar farm, was inaugurated in Clarapolder in the Neckeri region. This is named after the recently deceased director of the NV EBS Nickerie division, Mr. Brian Overeem.

The official assignment was made by the President of Suriname Santokhi. The head of state noted that electricity and water are very important utilities for the community, which is why the government is doing everything in its power to make this project available.

President Santoki indicated that this project is being implemented through an agreement between the Government of Suriname and the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB). This project will ensure the social and economic development of Suriname by providing reliable, efficient and sustainable electricity supply.

On average, a solar power plant produces 10,000 kWh per day. Based on this, 400-500 households can be supplied with electricity. This should also keep electricity prices affordable. With the necessary facilities, this plant will be directly connected to the NV EBS distribution network.

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