February 7, 2023

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U.S. companies pay for travel expenses for employees who wish to have an abortion |  Now

U.S. companies pay for travel expenses for employees who wish to have an abortion | Now

Major US companies such as Disney, JPMorgan, Amazon and Meta will pay for the travel expenses of employees who have to travel to another state to have an abortion. Last Friday, the nationwide right to abortion was revoked in the United States, allowing states to decide for themselves whether or not to allow it.

U.S. Supreme Court Decided Friday that there is no right to abortion in the United States. Abortion is now illegal in nine states – all Republican-ruled states – and 12 states are in the process of banning it. That means women in those states have to travel long distances to have an abortion.

To make the intervention more accessible, many companies have already agreed to accept travel costs. He acknowledged the impact of the Disney ruling on 80,000 employees in Florida, where abortion has been banned since this weekend, and said it would provide workers with “extended access” to health care at affordable prices. It does not matter where the employee lives.

The investment bank JPMorgan pays all travel expenses for medical procedures, including abortion, according to an email sent to the news agency. Reuters can see.

Bank Goldman Sachs, Facebook parent company Meta, jeans maker Levi Strauss and taxi companies Lift and Uber are among other companies that have issued similar announcements.

Amazon, Yelp and Citigroup have previously said they would cover travel costs for abortion.

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